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- Fixed running iChunUtil in deobf environment due to ATs used by iChunUtil.
- Opening/Importing of Tabula files is now modular, people can now easily add their own models formats for Tabula.
- Added German and Italian localizations
- Fixed crashing due to copying, then deleting cubes with children.
- Fixed model tree showing objects although there was no model open, leading to crashes.
- Tabula button in main menu now tries to find a free slot to place itself.
- Fixed flickering when clicking on model pieces.

Unfortunately Tabula 4.0.2 will need iChunUtil 4.1.2 to run properly, so you will need to update both.

- Hotfix: Fix loading a texture the first time making the Tabula think it was a remote texture.
- Hotfix: Fix opening of Tabula files converted from Techne files.
- Hotfix: Fix texture mapping of models imported from Minecraft which were created with Techne’s Java Exporter.
- Hotfix: Fix child model attachment in the Java Exporter.
- Hotfix: Fix Incorrect mcScale being sent to the mainframe if the model was a child model.
- Hotfix: Added project texture exporter.
- Hotfix: 16×16 grid actually aligns with the wooden block now.
- Fix crashing due to non-english locale using commas for decimal separators.
- Fix crashing due to players having no proper UUID in dev environment
- Importing a model without textures mapped will now set the texture dimensions from the model.
- Tabula now looks for non-mob and item mod models as well.
- Tabula will open if you hit T in the main menu, if the button is obscured.
- Added New, Open, Save project keyboard shortcuts.
- Deobf versions of iChunUtil and Tabula are now available for running in Dev environments without CodeChickenCore


Hotfix means the version you’re running might have already had it fixed, but is listed for sake of changelog.

Why iChunUtil and Tabula: iChunUtil contains Tabula’s main save format so that it can be used/imported in the future, eg when Hats uses Tabula files instead of Techne files.

- Updated localization files.
- Ported to 1.7.10

- Now uses Access Transformers. Reflection reduced by a boatload!
- Updated localization files.
- Updated for use in 1.7.10 with workaround/helpers for skins.
- Added a clientside aesthetics feature for Patrons on Patreon.
- Fixed a keybinding issue with Minecraft keybinds.

- Mob hats now persist across world reloads/server restarts.
- Fixed minor render issue with morph compatibility
- Bats now can wear hats.

- Fixed issues with player size not being set properly while morphing, as well as an array of other potentially major issues discovered by this fix.
- Fixed health being set mid-morph if the player dies while morphing, causing the player to get stuck in the death animation.
- Fixed abilities not working while offline.
- Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.
- Added a new hostile mode where mobs will only attack you if you attack them first.
- Added several events for use of other mods.

- Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.

- Tweak /pip remove to autocomplete to the pip entries, not the players list.
- Individual selection can now be done by holding the toggle and using the mouse wheel while PiP is active, instead of having to retoggle PiP.

- Fixed issues with Streak on invisible players.
- Fixed issues with multiple streaks on one player.
- Fixed issues with Streaks and morph.
- Fixed issues with Streaks and teleportation.

- Update CoFHCore API.


Get them all at the usual spots.

- Added renderLivingLabel for Morph.
- Added obfuscation strings for PiP and Morph.
- Tweaked the framebuffer helper.

This update is mainly needed by PiP. Morph is not finalized yet and may require iChunUtil to be updated again.

- Added Techne 1 & 2 model support for use of Hats and future mods.
- Fixed the same mod update notification popping up twice.
- Fixed several issues with Config files, including them saving when nothing was changed.


  • Added Item blacklist IMCMessage event. Blacklists items to be rendered on the back if told to do so by another mod.



  • Added framebuffer helpers. Used by Photoreal and will be used by Portalgun and AC.


AttachableGrinder, Photoreal, Shatter, Streak, TrailMix

  • Port to MC 1.7.



  • Fix gunpowder not rendering on Torch rockets.


  • Fix clients requiring the mod if it’s only installed on the server.


Back Tools

  • Fix invisible players rendering their last tool, still.



  • Major Config file rework. Now supports localizations. Also supports iChunUtil’s new Keybinds and a new IntBool/Colour property, and some Category stuffs.
  • SessionState feature, implemented with the configs. To be used for client sessions connecting to servers. (Aka synching of some server configs with the client).
  • Added new Keybind system (not compatible with Minecraft’s keybind system) which supports pressing/releasing of keys, and holding down SHIFT/CTRL/ALT for keybind triggers.
  • Added a glScissors helper for rendering stuff. It’s a lot cheaper than using stencils to render. Will be used in Hats.
  • Calender events helper. Will be used in mods for easter eggs! \o/
  • Moved Morph’s and Hats’ Obfuscation/Reflection stuff into iChunUtil. Therefore they will depend on iChunUtil in their respective 1.7 updates.
  • Update sliders for Hats compatibility.
  • Added a new Packet System (Memory leak fixed) that will be used by all of my mods that uses packets. Again, this includes Morph and Hats.
  • Added an mod version update checker to iChunUtil. Not your everyday mod update checker but it works. Will be used by my mods and can be used by any mods which would like to use it.
  • Removed RenderGlobalProxy class used by the experimental Antichamber mod. It will need to be rewritten to function properly in 1.7.