Once again, this changelog and update was done with the help of KihiraGo check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
- Fix issue where players can’t pickup items after sync until server restart
- Fix issue with chunkloading when storage power requirement is enabled
- Fix issue where fire wasn’t being removed properly on sync
- Fix issue where player could take damage whilst syncing
- Don’t allow players to be registered as a treadmill entity ಠ_ಠ

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This changelog and update was only possible with the help of Kihira! Go check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
- Persistant Player data should now transfer across shells (this makes it so ThaumCraft research and AM2 spells now transfer!)
- Ender chest data should now sync
- Lots of fixes for when players log out/in mid-sync. Should be no more shell duping!
- You no longer take fall damage when syncing to a shell below you
- You can no longer die mid-sync. Should fix the “double death” issues
- You should no longer sometimes become invulnerable after syncing
- Players in Morph now render properly when looking at an empty shell storage
- When shells are constructed with RF power, they now show their progress
- Potion effects now transfer properly (Invisibilty not always working is a vanilla issue)
- Chunkloading should now be A LOT better. Should fix issues with having too many constructors/shells across a large area
- Constructors only eat power if there is something to build
- Insta-building a shell in creative now works properly.

Balance Changes
- Constructors now can only take a maximum of 24 RF/t

New Features
- Optional WAILA support. Will now provide useful details if you have WAILA installed.
- Optional power requirement for shell storage. Default is off but in case you feel like it needs a bit more balancing.
- Mods can now add entities that can work on the treadmill via IMC. See README for details

Grab the mod at the usual spot.

Final commit for this build.

- Updated localization and mod mob support files.
- Fixed crashing due to invalid formatting of JSON files retrieved from Github. Console should spit an error now instead of crashing.
- Fixed inability to morph/delete morphs due to improper removal of a check when updating from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0 when playing on servers. Unfortunately this may render some old morphs unusable still (thus the 0.6.0 -> 0.7.0 update rather than a 0.6.1 patch)
- Fixed crashing when sleeping while morphed.
- Added config to remove current morph on death.

Get the mod at the usual places.

Hey Guys,

Wanna update you, that since there seems to be a new trend going round with people jumping onto Patreon, I’ve decided to make a page for myself as well.

For you who don’t know, Patreon is basically that lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators. In a way, giving back to content creators in various ways, either monthly or every content release, that sort of thing. Think of it as something like Twitch.TV’s subscribe button. That sort of thing.

Those of you who want to check out my Patreon page can find it here:

iChun’s Patreon Page


- Fixed rendering issue introduced from the last update.
- Added “Sprint trails”, enabled by default.
- Added 3 new flavours, delete your old Streak Flavours folder from the mods folder to allow the mod to extract them again, if you are updating. (Credit to stickpeted and pcrov)