Hey again guys,

Again, wanna let you folks know that I’ve made the conscious decision to stop updating Photoreal to the latest Minecraft version.

Reasons are well, as of late I’ve been getting horribly swamped with work that I’ve not really been able to find time to mod, even though I want to, and according to the poll I had a while ago, demand for Photoreal is the lowest and least wanted. In addition to that, the mod has no practicality and no use other than the general show-offyness that doesn’t last for long. A little fun mod/experiment you could say, of which what I’ve learnt from that could be moved on for something better/greater/more useful.

Credit where due though, once again thanks to CorridorDigital for the initial inspiration for the mod (I made this mod in a Starbucks after idly watching their videos, I had a lot more time back then), and to mr_hazard for the camera model used. If you’d like to dig through the source code or if you want to update it yourself, be my guest, it can be found here.

Anyways, I know a couple of you people are thinking, I’m discontinuing mod after mod, I’m most likely heading towards the path of quitting modding. That’s thankfully not the case (yet). There’s still a lot of mods I want to work on for MC, the main thing I’m lacking now is time, and for once I’m actually putting real life priorities over modding (I can admit, for the past 2 years, I’ve spent more time modding than focusing on my life). However, I’ve still got a lot in store/planned for the future and I really am looking forward to working on them one day.

On the positive side, less mods to maintain, more time to make the others more awesome/make new mods. Yeah?

So yeah, goodbye Photoreal, thanks for the fun, thanks for the experience. (I’ll totally rebuild you in a different concept one way or the other)



Back Tools
– Added IMCMessage methods for blacklisting and adding a tool to render
– Updated the render method to use the new LayerRenderer style implemented in 1.8.

Guilt Trip
– Added config to disable the rendering of ghosts

– Updated to use iChunUtil’s new Model code with better model reconstruction

– Updated the motion tracker to use iChunUtil’s central “entity tracking” system.

- Ported to Minecraft 1.8.0 (obviously)
– Most of the packages have been refactored.
– Removed most of Techne support in favour of Tabula support. Techne files can be read using Tabula’s importer class.
– The “Show more options” button in the Options menu can now be clicked on to go to iChunUtil’s options menus.
– MD5Checksum class has been moved into the IOUtil class.
– PacketHandler and ChannelHandler classes have been merged into a single class to ease packet sending and channel creation.
– Model recreation in ModelHelper now uses Tabula’s close to perfect model reconstruction.
– Fixed rendering of on-model controls on parent models when their child models are selected for Tabula.
– Added renderIBakedModel function for use of Tabula and BackTools.
– Added ModelBase comparison code.
– Packets now execute on the main tick thread instead of the networking thread to prevent ThreadCollision issues, with opt-out boolean.
– Configs have been revamped. Literally tossed out the window and rewritten from scratch.
– Tabula’s UI Core moved into iChunUtil for use of Keygrip and other mods.
– In-Game Config editor has been revamped to use Tabula’s UI Core.
– Packets are checked before being sent to ensure they are registered to prevent modder error.
– Fixed crash caused by other mods by registering a keybind too early.
– Added method to compress and decompress a String using GZIP.
– Input elements in Tabula’s UI Core now respond properly to mouse clicks.
– Added a random changelog line in here, cause I wonder how many people actually read these.
– Added FakeNetwork stuff to allow spawning of FakePlayers in the WorldServer.
– Added “attack entity with item” function to be used by non-player entities.
– Added obfuscation check to tell off users running the deobf version of the mod in a normal environment.
– Patron voxel aura no longer appears when the player is sleeping.
– Added a central “entity tracking” registry system, since several of my mods seem to use that. Patron voxel aura uses this now.
– Added “Compact Raw Porkchop” block to iChunUtil, can be disabled via config.
– Added a new Patron reward type.
– Updated localizations, many thanks to the translators, shoutout to Adaptivity for updating the Russian localizations for pretty much all my mods.
– Fixed authorsList in mcmod.info, thanks iLexiconn.

Hey guys,

Just wanna let you know that my 4th ModJam mod, It Fell From The Sky (IFFTS) will no longer be updated to the latest Minecraft version.

Reasons for this are mainly because IFFTS was mainly an experiment for Morph’s planned meteorite strike. This doesn’t mean that it’ll be coming any sooner, it’s just to say that I won’t be updating it to MC 1.8 and later.

For those of you who will miss the Compressed Porkchop block introduced in IFFTS, I will be moving it to iChunUtil in 1.8, configurable (enabled by default). The source code for the mod can be found here. Other than that, it’s time to say goodbye to Pigzilla.

Why discontinue the mod? If you guys didn’t know, I have a lot of mods and many more in planning/unannounced. While it’s fun to make mods, maintenance for them can take a lot of time, which can be very hard to come by sometimes. The less mods I have to maintain, the more time I can spend on adding to/improving existing mods. I’m sure you guys miss PortalGun and Gravity Gun, I miss having time to work on them too. That, and I’ve got at least 1 unannounced mod planned for the time being, so look forward to that in the future as well.

So long Pigzilla, many thanks for all the laughs and for what you’ve taught me.



– Mostly updates to ProjectInfo for Tabula and AT additions for TwitchPlays.

– Fixed mcScale field not being added to the Java Exporter.
– Fixed addChild calls in the Java Exporter.
– Fixed crashing when hitting enter/scrolling on empty number input boxes.
– Fixed division by zero causing a crash with dragging windows.
– Fixed docking windows on the lower dock which was supposed to be scrapped for animations.
– Fixed importing projects that had groups.
– Added precision input when scrolling on number input boxes.
– Added a “Paste without Children” button, removes child models when copying a Cube.
– Added a project scale value for models. The higher the scale, the smaller/more details your models will be.
– Added Themes support.
– Added config file, with in-editor config editing.
– Added opacity field for cubes.
– Added Animations support.
– Added Multiplayer support.
– Added on-model drag controls. Right/Up dragging increases, Down/Left dragging decreases.
– Changed New Project window to define some fields if the user left them empty instead of rejecting the input.
– Changed how non-mob models are imported. It tries to bind to the first texture found in the rendering class now instead.
– Changed the toggleable button’s colour when toggled on. Should be more obvious that it is turned on now.
– Changed chat window so that it remembers its position now.
– Changed “Toggle Chat Window” button to only show up when the session is a multiplayer session.