Heya guys

For the past while I’ve been working alongside with madjake45 and Quetzi on working on a web service to easily list down the list of mods you have with an easy and simple way of sharing them, and only just now it has finally launched!

I won’t go to long detail here, but you can find out more on the website itself.



– Fixed int configs wihout a min/max or boolean value
– Fixed changing configs with the scroll wheel if the config page has a scroll bar
– Fixed crashing on login due to receiving packets too early
– Fixed rendering issues with items that are locked in the bow animation when switching from third person to first person while using the item.
– Possibly increased compatibility for the Patron Effects
– Added required ATs for Blocksteps and Bee Barker
– Added functions required by Blocksteps and Morph
– Added two new patron effects, for Q3 and Q4 of the year.

Hey guys,

This is just a quick update post on what’s been happening lately in regards to my mods and such.

Right now I will have to admit that I am not in active development status, I’ve not been doing any dev work for quite a while with regards to life being busy with stuff and such. I do have some news however, once I get back into it, here’s what you can expect (before you ask, everything stated here are for 1.8 unless stated otherwise):

  • An update to iChunUtil
  • The release of BlockSteps (a new mod!)
  • The release of Bee Barker (also a new mod!)

After that, I’ll continue work on Morph for 1.8, which is getting a revamp in terms of both Abilities and a lot of internal reworks. Things *will* be changing for Morph in that version, and I’ll look for your feedback as usual as things develop. If I get bored of Morph, I will be working on the other mods I’ve not ported to 1.8 yet.

Word on Portal Gun though, that will have to wait a bit as a couple of things are waiting on something else that is beyond my control. Hats is waiting on Tabula and a couple of things that Tabula needs being worked on for the time being, with some things also being out of my control.


The problem:

Demand for mods in MC 1.8 just isn’t great. There aren’t that many people on 1.8 yet and a lot of other mods have not been updated. As most of my mods aren’t normally main mods, there isn’t a high demand for my mods to be updated to 1.8. The few that already are, are still getting more downloads for their 1.7.10 counterpart. Because of this, I’ve actually resorted to putting porting mods to 1.8 low on my priority list as I handle things going on IRL for the time being.


The silver lining:

I’m still keen on updating my mods to 1.8. Same goes for MC 1.8.8 whenever Forge is released for it. I see no reason to keep things on 1.7.10 when there is a newer modable version of MC available. I have things planned in terms of optimization of a couple of mods as well as gameplay changes, of which I’ll definitely have to get feedback from you folks in the future.


The twist:

As with how I’ve been doing with all my mods for the past few years or so, I only support the latest versions of mods, therefore if the mod has a 1.8 version available and there is an issue on the 1.7.10 version but not on the 1.8 version, *do not* expect it to be fixed. Another thing is, I have completely dropped major support for the following mods: Morph, Sync, Hats, Portal Gun. There are reasons for this, but I will not go into detail.


That’s it for now folks, sorry for long post, and not sorry for no tl;dr, I just felt like typing something and I figured an update would be nice.



– Relinking online resources to pull from another URL in preparation for 1.8’s Morph’s Ability system.
– Added a serverside config to constantly force the size of the player to prevent players from getting the “I’m a bat but my view is 2 blocks high” issue.

Hey guys,

Just wanna say that I am particularly proud of this update. Ages ago when I first reluctantly made the Gravity Gun mod, it was done because I had already somewhat done “entity grabbing” in Portal Gun, and I had not played Half-Life 2 yet at the time. Now though, things are different. I’ve actually played Half-Life 2 now, and I properly understand how the “Zero-Point Energy Manipulator” works.


First off, I’d like to point out that the gravity gun (GG) fancy model and sounds has received some improvements. Here’s a short list on what’s different:
– The normal GG’s claws will open and close, if whatever block or entity you are looking at can be picked up.
– The core of the GG pulsates with different intensities over time, allowing it to glow in the dark.
– Holding an entity shows the 3 electrical arcs from the claws radiating towards the center of the GG.
– Pushing/throwing an entity also causes the GG to strike out an electrical charge on the entity to indicate the force from the GG.
– The player’s left hand renders on the left grip of the GG.
– The supercharged GG also vibrates when you’re holding it. It’s claws are permanently opened and occasionally emits electrical pulses.
– Many sounds from the supercharged GG are played in a lower pitch, not unlike the actual game’s counterpart.
– Many many more sounds are played by the GG when being used, such as it humming when holding an entity, claws opening/closing, failing to push/grab an entity.


Functionality wise, the mod has also received some changes. Those I can remember now (default configs) are as listed:
– Most of the GG’s capabilities can be configured, with small exception to one or two features.
– The supercharged GG recipe can be disabled now, and syncs across servers.
– The normal GG is no longer capable of picking up tile entities. No more moving chests around with it!
– The normal GG’s grab reach has been extended to 5 blocks.
– The normal GG’s throw strength has been reduced slightly.
– The supercharged GG is basically a stronger version of the normal GG, using the normal GG’s values and amplifying it by it’s own factor. By default the GG also has a massively amplified grab factor, allowing it to grab entities up to 15 blocks away.
– Grabbing entities now use a simulated “weight” system. The normal GG can, by default, grab entities with a volume of less than 1.5(1.5^3). The supercharged GG, 33 (3^3). This means the normal GG cannot grab anything that’s slightly bigger than a spider (A spider calculates to about 1.43 [1.4^3]). I’m doing this because the normal GG is relatively cheap and I would like to make the supercharged GG appear more valuable and useful compared to the normal version.
– You can also adjust the distance your held entity is by holding the sneak key and scrolling the mouse wheel.
– Exclusive to the supercharged GG, it can grab several blocks at once. This is done by charging the GG with holding the LMB then holding the RMB, releasing the LMB when ready. The selection radius can be a little wonky at times, and the grab will fail if any block in that radius can not be picked up normally.


Anyways yeah, that’s about most of the changes I’ve implemented in GG this time round, so I hope you guys have fun with it, and give loads of feedback, I wanna hear it! I still have more plans for this mod in the future so you can look forward to a couple more things next update.

As usual, you can get the mod here.